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Our dedicated and well trained personnel (including PR team, drivers, chefs, maids) will be at your service to fullfill all your needs and to guarantee you a comfortable stay at the villas.

Supported by the best security management company in Greece ISM
Get the best protection for your physical safety by entrusting your mobility needs to the best trained security drivers .

We invest in the continuing education and training of our associates with respect to modern safekeeping processes, VIP protection, transfer security, and increasing types of risk.

Experienced and highly trained security drivers

Security escorts, at the individual or group level

Modern transfer security systems (satellite, GPS)


ISM SECURITY owns a fleet of specially equipped vehicles, staffed with fully trained and educated personnel, allowing coverage of installations throughout the Attica region, and, by parternship, the rest of Greece.


ISM SECURITY offers cash-in-transit services across Greece's Attica region by relying upon well-trained personnel and specially outfitted vehicles.


To protect customers and their assets in the most comprehensive way possible in the event of trespassing into protected areas, ISM SECURITY has the capability to dispatch emergency patrol vehicles with trained personnel, while simultaneously notifying the Emergency Police Department and designated Property Points of Contact, as well as triggering alarm systems directly connected to our Emergency Hotline (nighttime shift).


Our company offers Limousine Service in luxury cars featuring modern transition security systems (satellite, GPS) and staffed by experienced and highly trained drivers. It also has escort vehicles with trained security officers, either at the individual or group level, depending upon our customers' needs.


ISM SECURITY, mindful of its customers' safety, stands behind the professional credentials of its security personnel and entire workforce.

The company's security personnel is well trained and has an excellent track record. Moreover, we invest in the continued education and training of our associates in modern static security procedures and increasing types of risk.Last but not least, our Guards hold a Police Department-issued Security Licence, obtained upon submission of all required documentation.


You can enjoy a grand tour of the island of Mykonos, visit the island of Delos with its magical energy or take a dive at secret caves and swim at secluded beaches using a spacious and fast motor yacht. Our company will take care of all boat reservation details for you.


Our chef and its team will be delighted to take over your home's kitchen. The chef packages include delivery of the best and freshest goods at the villas and preparation of breakfast, lunch, dinner of either Greek or International “cuisine “.